Terms and Conditions for Exhibiting at Supanova

Updated: May 2019

By applying for exhibitor/vendor/ alley space at Supanova Comic Con & Gaming, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions as specified below, and any other restrictions or Guidelines as deemed necessary by Supanova Comic Con & Gaming, Supanova Pop Culture Industries; their agents, underwriters, Venue Contract Managers or other relevant stakeholders.

  1. Supanova Comic Con & Gaming reserves the right to final approval of every display, and the ability to take any course of action it deems necessary to rectify a situation that may impact upon the convention negatively, including expulsion of any Exhibitor from Supanova Comic Con & Gaming, who does not comply with the stated requests. No compensation for loss of monies will be accepted for failing to obey instructions resulting in expulsion from Supanova Comic Con & Gaming and its representatives.
  2. Any Exhibitor that fails to occupy their space for whatever reason will forfeit their money. There are no refunds or transfers available once Supanova Comic Con & Gaming has received payment and the digital registration form.
  3. Displays must stay within the confines of the space allocated, must not impede aisles and walkways, or block exits. This includes cabinets, shelving, display cases, tables, stock containers, stages and equipment.
  4. No sale or spruiking can occur outside the boundaries of your booth (including outside the venue, or in aisles, seminar rooms or thoroughfares) without prior approval.
  5. All tables must have table covers, recommended to be the approximate length to reach the floor in front of your booth. Tablecloths are NOT supplied as part of registration – these can be ordered from the Expo Supplier, or exhibitors may provide these themselves. Please bring them and some extra sheets to cover your stock overnight if required.
  6. The official closing time of Supanova Comic Con & Gaming is 1800 (6pm) on the Sunday of the event. No dismantling of displays is permitted until the site is cleared of visitors and Supanova Comic Con & Gaming makes the appropriate announcement. This is to ensure the safety of the general public still occupying the space.
  7. Supanova Comic Con & Gaming cannot guarantee access for vehicles within the venue in order to unload or pack your items, nor the availability of pallet trolleys or forklifts. Please ensure that your stock can be moved by hand or bring an appropriate trolley. You must make arrangements with Supanova Comic Con & Gaming Operations prior to the expo for the movement of larger items, crates and pallets.
  8. The sale or giveaway of stickers and/or balloons is permitted with strict restrictions and conditions. Any sticker with an adhesive must be packaged and sealed, this also applies to decals. Balloons must not be sold or given away containing helium or any lighter than air gases. Exhibitors that are found to be distributing stickers, decals and/or balloons of any size outside of these conditions will have stock confiscated and returned upon conclusion of the show. Any damage to the building, fixtures or property belonging to another and deemed to have been the result of stickers distributed from within Supanova will have a clean or repair cost incurred by the instigating exhibitor.
  9. Sale or sampling of any food or beverage items – whether packaged or fresh – is not allowed without written permission from the Event Organiser and Venue. This includes but is not limited to candy or sweets, canned drinks, hot or baked goods. Supanova Comic Con & Gaming reserves the right to confiscate any consumable items not removed by exhibitors. Approved food and drink Items must list Ingredients on their packaging or will be banned from sale or sample.
  10. Children under 16 years of age are not permitted to enter the hall from bump in or break down time periods –Security Officers have instructions not to allow children under 16 years of age on site during these times.
  11. Registration from the following groups/parties are not accepted to the Supanova Comic Con & Gaming:
    1. Political Parties or affiliates
    2. Smoking Groups or campaigners
    3. Alcohol Groups or campaigners
  12. Supanova Comic Con & Gaming is a drug and alcohol free event. Persons that supply or consume alcohol outside of approved areas or times, or are in possession of illegal drugs, will be removed from the event and the authorities contacted, if required.
  13. No persons to engage in any conduct, act towards, speak to or visually sell or display items to any exhibitor, volunteer, performer, supplier, staff or other patron in a manner which offends, insults, humiliates, intimidates, threatens, disparages or vilifies that other person on the basis of that other person's race, religion, colour, gender, sexuality, disability, descent or national or ethnic origin; 

Safety and Risk:

  1. All Exhibitors, their suppliers, contractors, staff and assistants are classified as workers under State and Federal Acts and Regulations pertaining to Work Health and Safety. These state that all workers are to show due diligence in keeping their work area clean, safe and risk free, and to report all hazards, incidents or injuries to Supanova Comic Con & Gaming Management. More information about common risks and hazards will be available in the Exhibitor Manual.
  2. Reading and acceptance of Supanova Comic Con & Gaming's 'Health and Safety Policy' shows that the Exhibitor understands their obligations under these Acts. Supanova Comic Con & Gaming encourages all Exhibitors to develop their own in-house safety policies for their staff and volunteers.

Safety Vests and Closed Shoes:

  1. It is mandatory for all exhibitors and personnel to wear approved safety vests during bump in and bump out periods. Covered shoes must also be worn. Thongs, flats, sandals or heels are NOT acceptable footwear during these times.
  2. Those not wearing the appropriate attire will not be granted entry to the hall or the loading dock.
  3. If you do not have vests, you can pre-order them via the Supanova Comic Con & Gaming Exhibitor registration Portal.

Electricity and Power

  1. All portable equipment, appliances, chargers and lighting used at the Supanova Comic Con & Gaming event site (I.e. anything that is plugged in to the venue power supply) must be tested and tagged in accordance with state Workplace Health and Safety Regulations and Australian Standard AS/~ 3760:2010.
  2. More information can be found in the Supanova Comic Con & Gaming Work Health and Safety Policy and Exhibitor Manual.

Public Liability Insurance

  1. All exhibitors, co-exhibitors, vendors, Alley occupants and contractors are required to provide proof of Public Liability Insurance. This refers to damage or injury caused to third parties/visitors on or in the vicinity of your exhibition stand or hired space, or by the fault of your products.
  2. This is delivered in the form of a "Certificate of Currency", the details of which must be supplied to Supanova Comic Con & Gaming via this PORTAL. It is advisable for a copy to be held by the exhibitor throughout the duration of the show, including bump in/out times.
  3. Where applicable, copies of Workers Compensation and Professional Indemnity Insurance documents (including those of subcontractors) need to be available upon request.
  4. Supanova Comic Con & Gaming cannot recommend an insurance policy suitable for your exhibitor booth or artist alley space. Please contact your insurance broker to enquire about the most appropriate cover for the event.
  5. NOTE: Public Liability Insurance does not cover theft of your products, or damage to your products or displays caused by third parties. Consult your broker for advice on other forms of business insurance that would cover those circumstances.

Delivery/Collection of goods:

  1. Neither Supanova Comic Con & Gaming, nor the Event Venue will accept responsibility for the safety or security of any display or product item delivered to the site.
  2. It is very important that all items are clearly marked with your company name and contact details, stand name, collection and delivery details, and the name of your freight company.
  3. It is advisable to clearly mark the consignment number on the items to reduce confusion during collection, or to track goods in transit.
  4. Please note that all goods/property must be removed from the premises Sunday evening or have freight forwarding pick-up confirmations prior to midday, 12 noon, the relevant Monday morning.

Literature and Spruiking:

  1. The distribution of leaflets and other promotional materials is confined to the stand area and is not permitted in the hallways or elsewhere in the exhibition grounds.
  2. The Organisers reserve the right to prohibit the display or distribution of advertising matter that could give rise to offence and to confiscate the supplies thereof for the duration of the event.

Restricted Material:

  1. Pornography is strictly forbidden for sale or giveaway at Supanova Comic Con & Gaming; so too are items that would be classified as illegal under any or all state or territory law within Australia, including but not limited to extreme restricted or explicit materials or those that contains paedophilia in any form.
  2. All other adult material must not be visibly displayed or within reach of any minors and carry appropriate or comparative classification.
  3. The Sale and Display of weapons, replicas and props that have the potential to cause injury carry conditions and restrictions. Guidelines for the legal and acceptable trade of these items is available upon request.

Bootleg or Unlicensed Materials:

  1. Supanova Comic Con & Gaming enforces a zero tolerance for the ownership or sale of bootleg or pirated goods. Spot-Check Inspections of stock will be randomly conducted throughout the event.
  2. If any restricted, illegal or contraband materials are found, action will be taken to confiscate or remove these materials from the event. This may include the cessation of trading and/or expulsion from Supanova Comic Con & Gaming.
  3. Please be aware that under these circumstances, you will not be eligible for any compensation as noted in point (1) of the General section of these Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to bring and provide all relevant documentation, that prove your materials are not suspect, on the days of the event to be shown if required.

Classification Restrictions:

  1. Any visual displays (film, video, games or other multimedia) that are rated MA15+ or above, or the equivalent as determined by the National Classification Scheme, are required by law to be within a closed or monitored space and not to be seen by those who do not have the express desire to do so. Children under the age of the Classification specification must be accompanied by a guardian.
  2. Further information regarding your responsibilities as an exhibitor as well as appropriate order forms and additional show details will be made available in the Supanova Comic Con & Gaming Exhibitor Manual, available prior to the event.

Advertising and use of Supanova Comic Con & Gaming Logo:

  1. Supanova Comic Con & Gaming can provide an electronic version of the Supanova Comic Con & Gaming logo and website banner in *.jpg or *.eps format for inclusion in your advertising, promotional publications, magazine and e-News advertisements, or as a link from your website.
  2. The organisers must approve all uses of the Supanova Comic Con & Gaming logo prior to publishing or broadcast of recorded material.
  3. Approval for the use of the logo is for the original request only and does not grant blanket use of that logo. A list of its intended uses must be made clear up front.
  4. To obtain the high-resolution image please contact branding@supanova.com.au
  5. To enquire about additional promotional use of the Supanova Comic Con & Gaming logo (such as creating or commissioning items to sell or give away), please contact branding@supanova.com.au


  1. If you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions pertaining to your contract as an exhibitor at Supanova Comic Con & Gaming, please go to the Supanova Contact Page